How I Got Started

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) completely changed the way I think about health... and the direction of my life.

Before IIN I was working in a fast-paced NYC career and feeling out of balance. Through my experience at IIN, I learned how to live a healthier lifestyle that worked for me.

I always had interest in nutrition and natural healing but I didn't fully understand it. IIN presents a wide range of theories from the top people in each field and they let you experience it for yourself.

IIN is a Health Coach training program... but I'm not a Health Coach by profession.

However, I did try practicing for a few years in the beginning while I was working full-time in NYC. It wasn't for me but it works well for many graduates.

It's important to know that while IIN is called a "health coach training program," there are so many other things you can do with your education (aside from just the personal health benefit).

For me, blogging was a great match as a new mom back in 2010. I dove in and learned a lot about starting a blog on my own after graduating from IIN. Later, I developed an interest in making natural remedies and skin care.

Getting the exposure to so many different health topics at IIN helps to find where your passion lies. It has to be fun and rewarding!

There are two reasons why I recommend IIN to EVERYONE.

  1. First, your personal health will never be the same, in a good way (an incredibly good way!).Your eyes will open to the truth of the "health" industry.
  2. The second is a bonus, you may just find a career path that makes you happy and fulfilled (which may or may not be health coaching)... and you'll make lifelong friends and connections.

IIN offers a free sample class and a curriculum guide that offers a lot more detailed information. If you are interested in more information, enter your email below and I'll send you the links to these items.

If you sign up for IIN with my referral I will also offer you a one-on-one support phone call. This type of peer mentoring is part of the course in IIN and I'm happy to add a little more support for you. {formbuilder:NDA5OA==}

If you have questions about the program, email me. I will personally answer your questions so reach out to me using the website contact form


What was your experience at IIN like?

I attended the live program in 2008 in New York City. At the time, the program was 10 months long, meeting one weekend a month for 3 full days. It was a powerful experience to be immersed in the curriculum for an intense few days. Each speaker or teacher was a top expert in his or her niche and it resulted in the students experimenting with every theory and diet on the 3 weeks after each weekend. I heard about vegans eating meat and meat eaters going vegan. Everyone tried new things and learned an incredible amount about diet, lifestyle, and even spirituality.

What is the program like now?

Since I have not personally experienced the current format I can't offer my experience BUT I can say that every course I have taken from IIN has been top notch. I would expect nothing less from the new format so I'm confident it will deliver.

What is your advice going into the course?

My advice is to go in with no expectations of what could happen. ANYTHING can happen and come out of this experience. Without expectations you leave the experience open for all possibilities.

More questions? Email me!