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The Holistic Mama

Hydrating Face Cream

Hydrating Face Cream

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Moisturizing face cream that promotes smoother, softer skin. Helps to reduce fine lines. Contains shea butter and carrot seed oil to deeply hydrate and protect skin.


  • Organic Shea butter
  • Organic Meadowfoam seed oil
  • Organic Hazelnut oil
  • Vitamin E 
  • Organic lemon essential oi
  • Organic geranium essential oil
  • Organic lemongrass essential oil
  • Organic carrot seed essential oil

Size: 2 oz.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Cost effective way to clear dry blotchy skin

I bought this hydrating face cream at wholefoods while looking for something without chemicals that wouldn't break the bank. I've tried everything to help me get rid of the dry skin around my eyes that forms in winter weather. This product does the trick! This is the first year in many that my face is hydrated properly, looks satiny and healthy. Even though it's a small bottle, it lasts a long time because you don't need much. It does apply thick but I just let it rest on my face for a few minutes and it absorbs, I towel off the extra if I put too much on. It's a great product! I've tried everything from Evan Healy to Andalou and prefer this because it works and its price point is spot on!

Charlotte Meyer
Finder Keeper!!

What a find! After years of applying expensive face creams, and recently finding they were proving powerless to clear up some newly developing dry spots, I stumble across Holistic Mama and this lovely answer to my frustration. My skin is smooth, even satiny, overall again and absorbs foundation beautifully now. As mentioned by others, a very little bit goes a long way, to a very happy face! :)

Susan Shapiro
My go to face cream

I've been using the Hydrating Day Cream for many years now and I love it. That's why I continue to reorder it. I love that a little goes a long way and my skin feel so great. I'm going to be 58 and I alway get compliments that my skin is beautiful. Thanks Roxanne!

BEST Face Product Ever!

I have been using this cream for almost 2 years now and abolsutly LOVE it! It was the first product I tried from Holistic Mama and is what got me hooked on her other products. It blends so well into my skin and has a gorgeous velvetty texture to it. I coul dtell straight away that the ingrediants are premium, helathy and safe.

Hydrating Day Cream - THE BEST EVER!

As a 53 year old busy wife and mother of 6 with dry skin, I needed a magic potion for my face!
I've tried many, many expensive creams from the top dermatologists on QVC, etc., but they were always disappointing and certainly not worth the horrendous amount of $ I paid for them. Then I learned about all the chemicals and toxins in our beauty products and started turning to natural products. Just over a year ago I ordered Roxanne's Hydrating Day Cream and found my magic potion. My first jar lasted just over a year (yes, a little goes a long way). I ran out of it during a super busy time and didn't have time to place an order. I tried using some of the old expensive stuff I still had, but they weren't near as good as the Hydrating Day Cream. After using them for about a week, I MADE TIME to place an order and just ordered 3 jars of this stuff so I won't ever have to be without it again.
Everyone should be using this stuff!